Private Pilates Mat Sessions

Single Session: $75

5-Session Package: $365 ($73/session)

7-Session Package: $497 ($71/session)

20-Session Package: $1400 ($70/session)

(Location varies)

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Single Session: $55 (per person)
10-Session Package: $500 (per person)

(Santa Monica only)

Private Pilates Sessions

Single Session: $80

5-Session Package: $390 ($78/session)

7-Session Package: $539 ($77/session)

10-Session Package: $760 ($76/session)

20-Session Package: $1480 ($74/session)

New: Private Zoom Sessions

Single: Session: $45

5-Session Package: $210 ($42/session)

7-Session Package; $273 ($39/session)


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Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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