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Ashley is great. I'm inexperienced and her reformer class has really gotten me in shape fast. I do audio production and have an issue with hunching over. She's tailored my program to address this and I've made great progress. My posture is much better and my core has made more progress in 4 months than in the last 4 years. Glad I found her in Venice.

Steve L.

Los Angeles, CA



I just started Pilates & have now had 4 private reformer classes with Ashley.  Ashley makes me feel confident & safe.  She is very patient, makes me work hard & I am learning about my body & working muscles I never knew I had.  I'm feeling great and am excited to continue learning & enjoying my classes with Ashley.  I never knew that working out could also be fun

Sharon F.

Los Angeles, CA

Schedule a session: 310-902-2835

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